Our Story

Real People. Real Beef.

Where We Started

Edgar F. (Ed) Erwin is an 8th generation Texan. His paternal ancestors can be traced to Captain Abner Kuykendall, some reliable sources state that he, along with his brothers crossed the Brazos River in the fall of 1821. The Kuykendall’s being the second family of Stephen F. Austin’s “Old 300”, the first 300 families to settle in Mexican Texas. The Kuykendalls and Erwins have been involved in farming and ranching ever since.

His maternal great-grandfather, Joe K. Williams of Pleasanton, TX was an instrumental pioneer in establishing the Angus cattle breed into Atascosa County, as well as one of the founding members of the Atascosa Livestock Exchange.

Photo by Elizabeth Nixon

Ed’s father, the late Arthur Earl Erwin, was raised on his family dairy farm south of Jourdanton, TX, where he cultivated his love for animals and his disdain for milk. He attended Texas A&M University and earned a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine in 1971. The first position he took was in El Campo, TX, where Ed and his family still reside.

Ed grew up helping his Dad in the 1980’s during the peak of Brucellosis testing from East Texas to the Rio Grande Valley. During this time Ed learned the values of animal husbandry and the responsibility of caring for animals. Ed uses that passion to have healthy, well cared for cattle today. When we rarely encounter a sick animal, it is pulled, treated with an appropriate veterinarian approved medicine, marked and tagged separate from the all natural cattle and thus removed from that program. Ed will not tolerate a suffering sick animal to remain untreated just to make it into the premium all natural program; it will be cared for until healthy and then marketed as a regular steer.

Ed graduated from El Campo High School in 1988. There was no question he would follow his father and grandfather to Texas A&M University; he graduated with a BS in Agricultural Systems Management in 1993. Ed went to work in the Agricultural Construction Industry building commercial grain and rice handling facilities. Ed married Melissa Kainer in 1998; she was raised in El Campo and upon graduating from UT Galveston with a Doctorate in Dermatology started her own practice in El Campo. They have a son Hal, and identical twin girls Elizabeth and Mary Katherine, they are all a part of the Erwin Farm and Ranch team.

In 2001, Ed had the opportunity to lease some grazing acreage from his step-father Jim Bouligny and a partner in Jackson County, north of Edna, TX. Starting with a cow/calf operation he eventually converted to stocker cattle. Melissa, with the investigative mind of a medical doctor kept suggesting Ed look into an all natural beef program, which is the All Natural Grass Fed Beef program he currently owns and manages. Ed, his brother Jody and Jim Bouligny, purchased the remaining land investment partners out in 2014. The balance of the main ranch not utilized by Ed for grazing is leased to local farmers for organic corn production. We also lease ranches in Wharton County and our Williams Family Ranch in Atascosa County.